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Cabo Babysitters has the best team of experienced and professional babysitters in BAJA to make your trip a true vacation.

We make sure that our team is prepared and updated, that is why we carry out:
-First Aid and CPR Training
-Training on ways to treat children considering their ages, among others.
-Additional courses that feed our learning and fellowship

Cabo Babysitters is professional and reliable in each of its services, it complies with the most requested characteristics, arranging a personalized service when assigning babysitters. Our team provides intuitive, helpful care and has the desire to provide the best experience during each family's stay.


Our pride is providing the best childcare setting in a fun environment, so that both the children, parents and babysitters are happy.


  • Clear background check

  • Personally interviewed

  • Thorough screening

  • Verified References 

  • CPR and First Aids certification

  • Certified in Preventing COVID-19 

  • Educational Assistant for Children with special needs

  • Fluent in English 


  • Trustworthy

  • Integrity

  • Honest 

  • Responsible

  • Creative 

  • Safety-Conscious

  • Fun-Loving 

  • Proactive 

  • Punctual 

  • Empathetic 

Meet Our Team

For Cabo Babysitters Team It is essential to reduce their chances of being infected or spreading COVID-19. Therefore, we are already VACCINATED and follow these protocols: 

Using antibacterial gel

Washing hands

We have taken the following Certifications:

Action plan at home to prevent COVID-19
All about COVID-19 prevention

Wearing facemask all the time

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